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The HSRUSA Store is open for business

September 6, 2011

We are pleased to announce:

The High Speed Rail USA Store is now open for business!

Our first merchandise product line: 
Promote high speed rail from your car with bumper stickers and magnets!

Irony is alive and well!
Stuck in traffic?  Wish you could travel at the speed of a formula one race car?

These 10″ x 3″ vinyl decals will proudly tell your neighbors and fellow drivers that you are looking forward to the future of transportation choices in America, but you still love your car or truck.
Check out all six designs on Vinyl Bumper Stickers. Also available in 10 and 50 packs.

Check out all six designs on vinyl Car Magnets.

Check back again soon for new product lines and apparel to be available.
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It’s Electric!

June 25, 2010
 This short film makes a case to bypass 125mph diesel high speed trains and choose 220mph electric high speed trains.

SoCal-to-Vegas rail route wins federal designation

July 3, 2009

US Department of Transportation expands the designated HSR corridors outlined in the vision for high speed rail to include the Las Vegas to Los Angeles, the Associated Press reports. There are several proposals for running along the congested I-15 corridor, and this designation allows them to be eligible for ARRA Stimulus funds in September.

Getting Up to Speed – High Speed Rail in California

June 14, 2009

Cost Comparison

For an excellent, detailed description of the high speed rail project in California, from the perspective of a New York Times writer, read:  Getting Up to Speed – High Speed Rail in California – NY Times Magazine.  Details high speed rail systems in other countries, the challenges California faces, and the implications for the rest of America.
 the train will go from L.A. to San Francisco in just under 2 hours 40 minutes and from L.A. to Sacramento in about 2 hours 17 minutes. Judging by the experiences of Japan and France, both of which have mature high-speed rail systems, it would end the expansion of regional airline traffic as in-state travelers increasingly ride the fast trains. And it would surely slow the growth of highway traffic. Other potential benefits are also intriguing: a probable economic windfall for several cities along the route, with rejuvenated neighborhoods and center cities; several hundred thousand jobs in construction, manufacturing, operations and maintenance; and the environmental benefits that come from vehicles far more efficient and far less polluting than jets, buses and cars.”

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